Understanding Latency

Join us for the biggest expert-led knowledge sharing event on network latency. All online and at no cost.

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Understanding Latency is a knowledge-sharing event designed to explore the current trends and developments in latency management, L4S, and low-latency networking.

Cross industry experts present their knowledge and share their latest insight into what's possible.

Latest webinar recordings

Understanding Latency 2.0: Webinar 3 December 13, 2023

Speakers: Dave Taht (LibreQoS), Toke Høiland Jørgensen (Red Hat), Neil Davies (PNSol), Magnus Olden (Domos), Manny Patel (Broadcom), Michael Welzl (UiO), Lai Yi Ohlsen (Measurement Lab), Kathleen Nichols (Pollere), Robert (Bob) McMahon (Broadcom).

Understanding Latency 2.0: Webinar 2 December 12, 2023

Speakers: Jason Livingood (Comcast), Stuart Cheshire (Apple), Gavin Young (Vodafone), Koen De Schepper (Nokia Bell Labs), Neal Cardwell (Google), Marek Pešta (CDN77), Wim De Ketelaere (Excentis), Stephan Pruecklmayer (MaxLinear), Jeremy Austin (Preseem, Aterlo Networks), Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo (Telefonica), Thomas Zinner and Katrien De Moor (NTNU).

Understanding Latency 2.0: Webinar 1 December 11, 2023

Speakers: Sean DuBois (LiveKit), Avery Pennarun (Tailscale), Francois Blouin (Meta), Jos Delbar (Airties), Ermin Sakic (NVIDIA), Will Penson (Conviva), Varun Singh (Daily), David Tuber (Cloudflare), William Hawkins (University of Cincinnati), Bjørn Ivar Teigen (Domos) and Damien Sterkers (Broadpeak).

Understanding Latency 1.0: Webinar 3 - Commercializing and deploying low-latency solutions. March 8, 2023

Speakers: Stuart Cheshire (Apple), Gino Dion (Nokia Bell Labs), Magnus Olden (Domos), Angus Laurie-Pile (GameBench), Craig Thomas (Broadband Forum), Greg Mirsky (BBF PEAT, Ericsson), Jason Livingood (Comcast), José Diaz Martínez (RDK) and Bjørn Ivar Teigen (Domos).

Understanding Latency 1.0: Webinar 2 - How big is the problem and what is being done to fix it? March 7, 2023

Speakers: Kathleen Nichols (Pollere LLC), Toke Høiland Jørgensen (Red Hat), Dan Siemon (Aterlo Networks, Preseem), Peter Thompson (Predictable Network Solutions Ltd.), Lai Yi Ohlsen (Measurement Lab), Koen De Schepper (Nokia Bell Labs), Dave Taht (Bufferbloat Project and LibreQoS) and David Tuber (Cloudflare).

Understanding Latency 1.0: Webinar 1 - What is latency and why does it matter to you? March 6, 2023

Speakers: Gavin Young (Vodafone), Dave Taht (Bufferbloat Project and LibreQoS), Bjørn Ivar Teigen (Domos), Brennen Smith (Ookla), Varun Singh (Daily), Mayur Sarode (Ex-Microsoft, Mixed Reality), Magnus Olden (Domos) and Stuart Cheshire (Apple).

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